The Sound of Music


Last year I discovered the Record Store Day for the first time. Sounds a little bit late considering that this started in 2007 and is held each year on the 3rd saturday of april since. For me it seems that there was a lot of buzz last year, Jack White being the Ambassador and somehow there was more information available, like posters and flyers.

Originally this was started in the US and according to some the idea was sparked due to the Free Comic Books Day, which takes place a few weeks later. It seems plausible, especially when you consider how this is organized, in both cases neither the media nor the artform are completely in focus, the stores itself are also very important. They are the main contributors and organizers on this day and events like this help to get people out of the big chain of stores and back into the small stores. This is one of the things I like very much about both events.

You can find a list of all the special editions and participating Record Stores all over the world right here


How and when this was started in my home country, Austria by the way, I cannot tell. When I arrived at my favorite record store last year on this special day TV and Radio were both also present to report what’s happening. I am kinda curious if it is the same this year.

In case you are interested, the participating ones in Vienna are

Rave Up Records

I know them all, the people working there are amazing, their sortiment differs from each other, which helps because you can reach each store within 15 minutes from each other.

Honestly, I do have to admit that I do not know any of those outside of Vienna which are also taking part on the Record Store Day but I am quite sure that they are great, too.

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