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warehouse 13
Quite some years ago, somewhere in 2009  a new show appeared on the small screen. It was announced to be a Mystery Series about two agents searching for artifacts and putting them into a warehouse. Yeah, sounds suspiciously like X-Files meets Indiana Jones. Honestly it wasn’t even close to what could’ve been expected. This show managed during season 1 to stand alone on their own feet without being compared to anything else. They developed some fine characters, some curious steampunk artifacts and gadgets and many memorable moments.

Personally, for me the show really kicked in while, during season 2 H.G. Wells appeared. First of all, alongside Jules Verne this author was mainly responsible for the later Steampunk Hype we are faced right now. But not only do they introduced H.G., they presented the character being female and made her the villain of the show, too. Really, who would think of that? This was such a crazy idea and so many factors that this could go completely wrong but it was so amazingly well casted with Jaime Murray, the background story was fitting and the character was developing throughout the season. It was even that good that H.G. kept reappearing until season 4. Until now she is one of the finest characters in the show, there go some thanks to the writers for being brave enough.


Throughout the show, each episode worked as a standalone episode perfectly and included enough hints to recognize that there is a main overall seasonal storyline. Something that other TV shows do not manage that well, they often are good either way.

Apart from that they worked well with the included artifacts, John Lennon’s glasses, Edgar Allen Poe’s pen, only to mention some of them. Often you can find some very fine references when you just stop looking at the cast and take a look at what lies behind them in the shelves. Very nice, things like this makes the show worth revisiting.



Over the years it was quite often discussed on how long this show will exist and thanks to producers, writers and fans we have 4 seasons so far and a 5th season starting soon. They announced that this will be the last season and they will make it big and including some very personal moments.

Take a look at a small preview of Season 5, be prepared.

Warehouse 13 will start on Monday, 14th of April 2014, on SyFy.

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