This time … no cups, more or less … but hats.

 It’s not easy writing funny & entertaining jokes all the time, each week and especially not on a high quality level. After all these years and the fact that so many talented comedians left the show recently it shows signs of fatigue. Some of those who left the show are giving their best on the big screen and some of them even get their own show. You have to admit that all this makes it even more difficult to keep it up. 

Those who are still here do their best to keep the show running and also invite some new and interesting hosts, like Jim Parsons, Lena Dunham & Louis CK. Last saturday we saw Anna Kendrick and I was very curious about that, loved her performance in Up in the Air, even Pitch Perfect moved me because of her. Apart from that she showed that she can be funny by making a music video with a Korean Pop Band (see

So, knowing all that I assumed that she will have funny and also musical numbers to perform and yes, musical they were but unfortunately a little bit less funny. Anna, playing Ariel the little Mermaid and singing underwater while dealing with Ursula, who is not very happy with the voice was one of those scenes which didn’t work out. On the other hand the French Dance Sketch within “Les jeunes de Paris” worked really well, also including some references to Anna’s previous movies.

During the show Anna got some chances to show her comedian talents, like the sketch where she was one so-called “Obama Survivor” on Fox & Friends and the one which played in a zoo, where Anna was trying hopelessly to teach something about  animals to the children. Here Anna shows what she is capable of and especially the last one made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.


We also happened to see Pharrell Williams, who had apart from his two musical appearances also a part in the last scene. There we see him as himself trying to find a background singer for his show, and Anna being one of those who wants to get this job.

Both performances on the stage, Happy & Marilyn Monroe were great, I kinda like both songs. Pharrell also gives you the feeling that he is the coolest person in the room and on of the friendliest and nicest guys, too. Someone you would like to hang around with.

Furthermore there were some very fine moments, like the one with the George R. R. Martin interview. Me personally liked the sketch with Angela Merkel a lot, where she talked about meeting Putin. This was very well played and hilarious to watch. Me, being Austrian and therefore a close neighbor to Germany found quite amusing that an American show includes the german chancellor in a sketch like this.

So, in the end it was an entertaining show, hope that the actual team will keep it up. This show always gave us some very fine comedians over the years and it will surely continue to do so.


Good Night, and have fun with Seth Rogen and Ed Sheeran!

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