Who wants to live forever?


Do you know the feeling when you went to a good restaurant, had something to eat and to drink, enjoyed it a bit, and left with the feeling that this was not half bad but quite okay. Days pass by and you remember the small little things like there was a new taste which you kinda liked or that the service was good and the wine was something worth remembering. Maybe things like this happen because we are sometimes not enjoying the moment like we should but maybe it’s something else.

In this case it happened to me after watching the movie ‘Only lovers left alive’, the latest cinematic piece by Jim Jarmusch. He tells us the story of two lovers, who are seperated, one living in the outskirts of Detroit, the other living in Tangier. Both somehow quite miserable and not happy. First we see Adam living in a shabby house, refering to human beings as zombies. His only contacts are a fan of his music who brings him some rare instruments and a local blood bank. Meanwhile Eve lives in Tangier, interacting with humans but still very cautious. She contacts him, talks to him and decides to go to him, comfort him in his misery and just be with him.



From this moment on this story focusses completely on their relationship, the love they share and each other character doesn’t stand a chance, not even the very fine character; played by the great John Hurt. We see the little sister of Eve by the name of Ava who visits them both, causes some trouble and leaves right afterwards.

Right from the start there are so many moments where you completely forget that they are vampires, the story focusses so much on the two characters and their relationship that everything else seems to be not that important any more.



Apart from the great actors – honestly, who would’ve possible been better than Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as Eve and Adam – what made this film so unforgettable are the small things which were put there by Jim Jarmusch. Look around the shabby room of Adam, watch which books Eve takes with her when she decides to travel to Detroit and some of the finest references to people like Nikolas Tesla, like ever. Those are the things that get quite lost because you follow a typical dramatic love story in the core of it, in the heart this is so much more, many fine gestures by the actors by playing Adam and Eve. Wonderful, it gets even better by talking about it.

This movie is like a good red vine, getting better and better when you give it some air and enjoy it slowly.

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