Said the Saxophone to the Mouth …


Last year, while visiting Paris I had the chance to see Saul Williams perform his poems live at the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore and I was very excited. He has a very strong expression and uses his words wisely, his rhythm is amazing, no wonder he became quite famous as a poet and a musician.


Lucky me, I met a friend of mine last saturday and she told me that she will go to a concert on monday. Curious as I am I had to ask and heard that it will be Saul Williams. Each and every alarm bell in my head rang immediately and I bought a ticket right afterwards. I also found out that he will not be performing alone but with a band, this made me even more curious.


We met right in front of Porgy & Bess, which is a Jazz & Music Club in the centre of Vienna. I used to go there in the past when I attended some well organized Soul Events.

The announcer told us how David Murray and Saul Williams met and how they decided to collaborate together for some live events.

David Murray and the Band, the Infinity Quartet started with a song and then Saul Williams appeared and started right with one of his famous Word Rap performances. The first half of the concert was very good, the chemistry between Saul, David Murray and the Band worked well, but not perfect. Seems that they are not playing together very often. Each musician played his strength, and there were a lot, it was still very entertaining but it lacked something.


Seems that the musicians became well aware of that because they changed the tune for the 2nd half of the concert. Right after the break they came back on stage and each musician was able to show what he is good at. Furthermore the other players on stage respected that. Saul Williams showed us what a poetry slam is, David Murray played the Saxophone like I never heard before and the drummer was amazing. He took us all away, while performing some of the finest drum solos ever played.

Furthermore I have to mention that the Band played some cover songs, some nice smooth tunes and Saul really gave his best by interpreting the original songs but he failed in being better than original. Still no shame, he gave his best.


So, in the end it was a very entertaining evening with a poet and some fine Jazz musicians, I will remember this one like I will never forget Paris.

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