May this be the last love story ever told? Naaah ….


Jeff Lemire, a young Canadian who became known for his moody stories brought us a fantastic and well told mix of a Space Opera, a Love Story and Time Travel.

This is for me one of the finest and well told stories in the medium of Comics within the past few years. Maybe this is my favourite story of this year and it had only just begun.

The title ‘Trillium’ refers to a flower which exists in the northern parts of America. It is a quite beautiful flower and according to some information it seems to be rare.

In this case the flower is in the focus at the beginning of the story. The first issue shows us that in the year 3797 the human race faces near extinction, fleeing from a deadly virus. We see a group of scientists on a far away planet near a black hole. On this planet the original inhabitants live within a city surrounded by a wall, very shy and cautious. One of the scientists, Nika shares a regular contact with one of the inhabitants but was never allowed to enter the city. One day further news about the spreading of the virus are published and the commander of the station forces her to speed up the cultural exchanges with the aim to get information about the plant that is supposed to be within the walls of the city. She drives to the city and finds an open portal into the city. She enters and finds all the inhabitants waiting for her, standing quietly within an ocean of those flowers. The chief talks to her in a foreign language, but without understanding and only guessing she takes one of those plants and eats it. Right afterawrds the chief kills himself and she has to enter a pyramid like temple.


Parallel to this we see a group of adventurers in the year 1921, somewhere in the amazon, searching for the lost temple of the incas. William, the leader of the group is quite keen on finding this temple, and despite the warnings of the guide they decide to enter a dangerous jungle where they find a small village and their original inhabitants. Immediately and without warning they attack and kill, William runs away and finds a pyramid like temple.

This is where Nika and William meet for the first time. From this point on the story develops with an amazing speed. In the upcoming chapters we see how Nika and William start to comminicate with each other, due to the situation that they don’t understand each other in the beginning. Within the story, where they are confronted with danger and many also difficult situations they build a special relationship.


Apart from the well crafted story we are also confronted with an interesting style of storytelling. While reading each issue the reader has to flip the magazine sometime, just to get the feeling that it is still a story about two seperate beings who have different story lines. By reaching the end the graphic seperation ends more and more and in the end … but I do not want to spoil this. Go ahead and read it, this will give you a worthwile entertaining time.

The series was published by DC Vertigo within the past 8 months and I believe that a Collection will soon appear.

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