Hodor, or some Secrets about the Iron Throne


In case you were living in a cave these past few weeks, months or even years you may have missed that today Season 4 of Game of Thrones will start … lucky you. There is a well earned hype about this show and the buzz is amazing. Each day we see a new trailer, a teaser, an interview with the cast or anyone who has an opinion about the show or found something which may lead to hints on what may happen in the upcoming episodes.

Funny thing is that this all about a TV show which is based on books that are already written. So why the buzz? Seems that the differences to the books become more significant or only the fans have also read the books. In my case I also started to read the books right after the first episodes and I really like both of them. George R. R. Martin tells a story full of Drama, Action, Love, War, Lies, Treachery and so much more with strong and interesting characters. The people working on the show are doing a great job. It is very difficult to adapt something like this  to the small screen and stay true to characters and story lines.

Somehow, during Season 2 I decided to watch the episodes first, season by season and then read the books. The differences between the books and the show became more and more obvious and challenging and I kinda enjoy it by reading it that way. While doing it the other way round I kinda felt that there was something wrong, this way the books offer me more informationafterwards to what happened on the screen.



So, back to the secrets. Honestly there are none that I have to offer, there has already everything been told from people who know more about the books or the show.

But what I would like to offer you are some funny spoiler free trailers which I like a lot, with George R. R. Martin himself and Natalie Dormer. They sure have a whole lot of fun by doing that.

Take a look at this and enjoy.



And in case you are really interested in some information about the things to come you may find something here:


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