Everybody be cool, you … be cool!

The Gecko Brothers are back and honestly I was not curious at all, I was even skeptical that this may be a good thing. The first trailers and previews we got didn’t look promising at all. Don’t get me wrong I kinda liked the movie, especially the first half which had a very nice ‘Tarantino-Touch’!

Fortunately someone convinced me to watch the pilot and what I saw was … the beginning of the movie, somehow the first minutes and it was “stretched” to an episode of about 50 minutes. Like I feared the producers or whosoever decided to completely retell the story of the movie and put some “extras” into the mix to make it “new”. Surprisingly they did well, Robert Rodriguez wrote and directed it and he started quite slowly. So we still have the story of the two brothers who are on their way to Mexico.

What I like about movies of Rodriguez I found within the pilot, the way he works with the camera, the dialogues and the strange characters, they were all there. So, if you’re a fan of his works than you may have a chance to find this show entertaining at least’

For me, it was kinda entertaining, therefore I gave it a chance and watched episode 2 and episode 3, still the same way as before; the story of the movie slowly developing. Now I am curious what they may show us in the very end of season 1.

The TV show premiered in March this year, and now a new trailer appeared, take a look at this


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