Ooooh, what a day .. who wants be “Minnesota nice”?



So, one of those movies who gets adapted for the small screen, this time with quite a good cast.There are appearances from Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman who seem to play important roles within the story. Special thanks for casting Martin Freeman, seems like a very fitting role for me. Furthermore the Coen Brothers themselves produce the show and write some of the episodes.

Am I excited about this? Yes, I am.

The trailer and all the information we get in advance shows us that the story will differ from the movie and not any  known character will appear, but somehow this doesn’t hurt.  So far it gives me the impression that it will capture the same atmosphere we so well know and love.

So, watch out, it will start on FX on 15th of april, take a look for yourself.

The movie from 1996 was amazing, it was one of the best movies the Coen Brothers ever wrote, produced and directed together and I love it. This is the one that defined them, even today after movies like “The Big Lebowski”, “O Brother, where art thou” or “Inside Llewyn Davies” this movie will still be known as their master piece.

If you want to know more of the movie itself, there is quite an interesting documentary about the so called “Minnesota nice” behavior and Fargo.

Maybe I should go and revisit the original movie, I kinda doubt it will help to love the TV series but surely it will be entertaining.

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