Maybe troubled, quite addicted indeed


Some years ago I discovered a YouTube Vlog managed by Meekakitty, also known as Tessa Violet. Together with Nanalew and other Vloggers she produced some very nice and sometimes fabolous Lip Sync Music Videos. They even made trailers for non existing movies, one of them being a Horror Thriller called ‘Ben’, and by looking at the Making Of you can see that they had a lot of fun.

Recently, I also discovered that Tessa started to publish her own music and released an album this year. Due to curiousity I immediately downoaded the whole album via iTunes and I can tell you that it is a very good Pop Album, with some easy listening songs. It accompanies me on my way to work and brightens my mood a lot, especially ‘Just right’ & ‘Broken Record’, the first two songs from the album. The Album The lyrics from all songs are straight and direct and come from her heart. She sings about love, relationships, feelings and much more; nothing new at all but she did manage to wrap it up quite nicely.

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