How to talk to Girls at Parties

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This may seem a bit awkward but to be clear the title is quite misleading. This is not even close a book where you learn “how to” or a Dummy’s Guide to “talking to ..”.

This is the title of a short story by Neil Gaiman and it is about the two boys Enn and Vic who crash into a party full of girls. Vic, being the more confident of the two encourages Enn and shows him how to make a move, more or less. During the evening Enn disappears with a girl and Vic tries it best to find ways to talk to the beautiful and somehow strange girls. We learn that they are exchange students and they may be not from … anywhere close.

It is a very humorous book and we feel with Vic who is confronted with a very extraordinary situation, we’ve all been there. Maybe not completely in the same situation, but still very close for sure. What I learned through this very funny and entertaining short story was that you have to be yourself, just listen and talk whenever you have the opportunity, then everything will completely resolve by itself. I reread and enjoy the story.

This short story was published within the collection “Fragile Things” at first in 2006 and can now be downloaded separately on iBooks and on Neil’s website. There is even an Audio Version available.

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