Storytelling, not always a periodic table


Once more, some tipps and tricks for storytellers and those who want to give it a try. Discovered this periodic table on the web a few weeks ago and at first I thought this looks like a nice way of putting elements of a story together. It made me smile and as we usually all do, more or less I skipped it and went on to new discoveries in the web. Ooooh, what joys, knowledge and adventures it offers.

Fortunately I rediscovered the site and this time I took some to find out if there is more to discover .. and I can tell you … there is. The people who are responsible for this made a very good job to put this together, also it seems that they had some fun, especially when they connected some topics to nowadays storytelling on the big and the small screen.

The button of the “Story Elements” are linked to entries of  tvtropes, a well organized and informative wiki catalogue for tipps and tricks for writing fiction.

I planned to make this a short commercial break, so just take a look at this site, and take your time. 

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