We used to be Friends, Marshmallows

So many years ago Veronica Mars ended and left fans of the show with … nearly nothing but a cliffhanger and open storylines. I was quite a fan then, especially Season 1 and 2, due to the characters, the stories, the references and the “fast” dialogues which were played amazingly well by Kristen Bell!

Some years later,  Rob Thomas, the creator/writer and Kristen Bell decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign which made quite a buzz. They asked for support to make a movie to continue the story of Veronica. They found a lot of fans who were willing to pay good money and they received more than they hoped for. From this moment on the road was clear, writing a script, inviting many people from the previous cast and let them appear in the movie. It seems that it worked, we all had a chance to be part of that because they gave the backers the opportunity to be guest stars within the movie, posted regularly news about the status of the shooting.

Yesterday, on the 8th of March, on the SXSW  the fans were able to watch the premiere of the movie.

So far the the first  8 minutes of Veronica Mars  where we see a changed and adult Veronica who put her past behind her. It shows also a lotta references for the fans, a troubador in the background who plays the Veronica Mars Theme with an acoustic guitar, people from the past appearing on TV screens and a telephone call from an old friend, asking for help.

Furthermore, the Veronica Mars Review from the Hollywood Reporter is looking quite good, too. So, my hopes are getting up …! 🙂

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