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From the very first days of my iPhone and iPad I thought about how to gather News, especially those that I am really interested in. It was quite obvious that a tablet will offer something apart from all the opportunities that the standard News Magazines Apps have to offer.

The first App I discovered was Flipboard, it looked visually stunning but it more or less was not the thing I was looking for, therefore uninstalled it right after I discovered Zite. Zite offered me the opportunity to not only tell that I liked an article but also why and in the very beginning how much I liked it. Furthermore it asked me if I wanted more articles with this or similar content in the future. So after a few months of working with it I was confronted with news I was really interested in, that was amazing. The “front-end” and surely the “back-end” changed in the next months and it learned even faster and better about my interests. The engine amazed me each day and I received news on a very fast level.

I enjoyed this for more than a year and heard that Flipboard was redesigned and I gave it a chance. It didn’t make me change from one App to another but I used it as aperfect addition because it offered some opportunities which Zite still didn’t offer and it became even more visually stunning over the months. I love that you can make your own Magazines and share it with other people who do not have the App or even a Mobile where they can use the App.

A few days ago something happened – Zite and Flipboard both announced via their blogs and websites that their companies will merge (together with CNN, it seems). What consequences this will be bring is still not mentioned in detail, so far it seems that Zite will be implemented within Flipboard.

See these links for their statements:

Zite is flipping out

Flipboard acquires Zite

So far I do believe this to be a good thing, the usability of Zite, the amazing engine in the background is the thing that was missing within Flipboard. Maybe we will have a stunning App with an easy usability in combination of an App which knows what you are looking for before you even know it.

By the way, if you are interested , enclosed a link to my Flipboard Magazines, just take a look and maybe you find something you like. Enjoy. 🙂

All my Magazines

Movies & TV Shows


… and as beeing a very dedicated Whovian you will find Infos / Articles here …
Doctor Who News

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