In case you can’t release the Kraken …


The story of “The Wake”, a limited Comic Book Series of 10 issues, published at DC Vertigo  starts with a vision of the future where we see a flooded city and a girl with a dolphin in company.  After a few panels where they roam together through a valley of skyscrapers we see them flee from a tidal wave and the scenery changes to 200 years in the past. There we meet Dr. Lee Archer, a Cetologists, sitting on a boat, talking on the phone to her son Parker and feeding whales. The call gets interrupted by an Agent Cruz, who works for the Department of Homeland Security, he plays to her the sound of a Whale Song, which is not like a usual Whale Song but much more complex. He asks for help and offers her the chance of studying this soundwave right at the place where it was recorded. He promises her that they will be back in 8 days at the latest so she can meet her son.

From this point onward we are faced with typical elements of an underwater, sic-fi, thrilling story. We have the Hippie Scientist, with a conflict with another Scientiest Member of  the Team (due to previous shared love life), the dubious Agent, the nice Author Guy, the Nerdy Professor, the dangerous Hunter Guy and some “Red Skirts”. The story develops kinda fast with all the cliches you may or may not have asked for, but there is more, between the panels we are confronted with glimpses of the future and the past. This gives us the feeling that this story has much more to offer. The thing is, on the surface we are confronted with something we have seen on paper and on screen like a hundred times before but the author has more than one ace up his sleeve and he plays them right. The suspense and the curiosity about the whole story was nearly killing me. I read those 5 issues in one run and at the end of number 5, which is also the end of the first half I was breathless because of this well done Cliffhanger.

Scott Snyder (Writer) & Sean Murphy (Artist) deliver a story well told and beautifully crafted. So far we are confronted with a mixture of movies like  “The Thing” & “Alien”, with an underwater atmosphere and the elements of TV Shows like “X Files” & “Helix”. The characters as cliched as they are, are also very well done because they simply work. Especially the main character of the first half, Dr. Lee Archer is more than interesting and you see the story through her eyes. In the end she also … but see for yourselves, if you happen to have the chance of finding copies of this series somewhere … enjoy!

SPOILER: Preview of Scott Snyder himself to #6 of the Series, which was published in february 2014

 I remember the moment the idea came to me. It was a few years ago, now. I was watching the news and this piece came on about a specimen of an ancient species of shar just now discovered off the coast of Japan. The footage was eerie, this strange, dying, serpentine shark drifting toward the camera, mouth open, body unnaturally long and snake-like. What fascinated me about the footage wasn’t just how strangely monstrous the fish was – and it was monstrous, like something out of a nightmare – but how ancestral. This thing looked like a prehistoric shark; something from the past, thought extinct, suddenly here, alive, like a living fossil. And so I started thinking about the possibility of a story about a creature that serves that sort of function for mankind-something ancient, a secret (and monstrous) part of our own evolutionary and anthropological history, come up from the depths …

But see, that was just the first half of the idea – the half that would set upt the bigger, more epic, sprawling second part of the story. The second part as a result of the discovery of that creature would transform the whole world into something new and raw and terrifying and wondrous

And that’s what’s coming up with issue #6, folks, where THE WAKE PART TWO begins.

The much bigger, wilder half of the series. The half that will answer all the questions and mysteries posed earlier, but also take you to places narratively that we promise – the whole Wake Crew promise – will shock you. This is the half with the cities of blimps. The half with massive tidal walls to keep out monsters. The half that takes you on a quest to do no less than save the world. This is the part none of us could wait to get to, and we can’t wait to see what you think.

— Scott Snyder


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