Live from New York, it was BAZINGA !


This one goes out to all the fans of the show “The Big Bang Theory” and especially the “Sheldon Cooper” character. A wonderful show by Chuck Lorre and his team, who brought us Dharma & Greg, Two and a half men to mention among others. This show is hilarious, the cast, the gags and the change of characters … thanks for bringing wonderful female characters into the show, very entertaining 20 minutes each time! Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper in this show became a somehow “Nerd Phenomenon”, a person which lives his geeky way of being nerdy in complete unawareness of the rest of the world but also being a nice guy for the audience.

So, after 7 years it became very obvious to invite him as a host for Saturday Night Live.

First of all – Whooa – this was good show, I have to admit that I really miss Kristen Wig, Seth Meyers and some others who left the show recently. Those were the ones who were responsible for some unforgettable punch lines. But the actual team is great and delivers some wonderful gags and … this time really good references to the 86th Oscar Academy Awards. Ajob well done. I loved the ‘Weekend Update with Cecily Strong & Colin Jost’, especially the part in the end with all the overrated movies, apart from the LEGO Movie!

Back to the special guest – Jim Parsons was a great host, from the opening monolouge with it’s musical number “I am not the guy on TV, that’s not me; it would really be super, if you don’t call me Sheldon Cooper” to the Western Birthday gag in the end. One of the highlights was the ‘Killer Files’ where Jim Parsons played a killer who became famous for killing performances (and people) at those popular Dance / Music shows of the 70s and 80s; therefore known as the ‘Dancefloor Killer’.

Maybe Jim Parsons really tried to show the audience that he is not ‘that’ guy, like he mentioned in the opening monologue .. like many others before him. In fact for me he didn’t make it, there were too many gags were quite similar to the Sheldon character but he still showed that he is a very good comedian and I am sure that he will play different characters in the future, there is enough talent visible. Good luck with that.

So, thanks to Jim Parsons for hosting a good show, Beck for being a typical shy genius and the cast of SNL to be entertaining, funny and political incorrect (sometimes).

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