There is no reason for Bad Pop Music


Yesterday evening I attended with some friends the 20th anniversary of the Flüchtlingsball, which became a wonderful event over the past years. Organised by the “Integrationshaus” which takes care for the needs of the people who escaped from other countries and try to find a new home. They organise this event each year with great acts and in a very atmospheric and fitting place, the Vienna City Hall,_Vienna, either way they do an amazing job, so therefore it is a pleasure to go there and to spend money for a good cause. 

But this article will not center on this event, but a part of it. One of the Bands amazed me, from the very first song until the very end. Pavel Shalman, who plays the Viloin, attended the Flüchtlingsball for the sixth time and this time with a new band. The basis for their songs is Soul with many influences from Swing & Jazz, which can be heard in all their songs. From powerful Pop Songs to Ballads, they immediately caught the attention of the audience and kept them dancing. Especially the last song ‘Talk, Talk, Talk’ where each member of the Band had a chance to show his talents showed us that this is a band worth following. 

Lead is the singer Ronya who is not only beautiful with a charismatic charme but also has a wonderful voice. She performs amazingly well on stage and interacts with the audience in a very nice way, you can not stop adoring her. The rest of the Band is amazing, too; having great and experienced talents sitting at the Piano, Bass Ukulele, Drums, Viloins, Kontrabass & Cello helps a lot. 

So far they told me that they do not have an album out yet but they are working on that, I will keep you posted. 

Please visit for further details and if you happen to have the chance to visit one of their gigs do so, you will not be disappointed. 🙂

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