Puh, 45 years ago last week :)

How could I have missed this one? Last week and about 45 years ago (13th of February 1970, somewhere in the UK) an album was released, which influenced and kinda changed the musical landscape. 


This incident and discussions with friends who knew I was attending the “Farewell and Goodbye Concert” in Hyde Park last year reminded me how great the gig was. In case you’re a fan and weren’t there – you missed a great gig. In case you’re not even interested in the slightest way you may not even read this Blog entry. ;)

Some words in advance – I attended the British Summer Time Festival for the first time, I found information about it through some ads in the web. Together with a friend and her daughter we planned to visit Cardiff, London and Brighton to meet friends, see Neil Gaiman in the Barbican and so on. The concert fell on the right date and we decided immediately to buy some tickets. 

On this very day – 4th of July 2014 – right after breakfast we decided to roam around. The girls went to Camden to go shopping and enjoy the sun. Me, I decided to visit the British Library because of an exhibition about comics. Right afterwards I picked up the tickets and we met in the hotel. It was such a wonderful and sunny day, perfect conditions for an open-air-live-concert-in-a-park! :)

We arrived, quite astonished from the place, didn’t expect it to be that big, picked some beers and water. A couple of moments later Faith No More appeared, they played some new material, many hits from their past and they felt amazingly fresh. We enjoyed it a lot. In case of Soundgarden we were a bit skeptical because we didn’t like the actual album that much. When Chris Cornell and the band appeared on the stage and we were told that this day is an anniversary and therefore they decided to play the whole “Superunknown” album everything was forgotten. This is – after all – one of those albums you can listen to from the first to the last track. Yeah, we enjoyed the Faith No More gig a lot, but this one was even better. Soundgarden rocked like never before, between each song Chris Cornell talked to the audience to tell a story about each upcoming song, wether it was a personal story or a just some technical details on which instrument has to be used in that one. 

So, Soundgarden left the stage, not without dedicating a song to Black Sabbath and finding some fitting words for the main gig, the one many were waiting for. 

The sun was still up when everything went quiet and we heard the sound of helicopters and lights appear on the stage. I went closer to the stage to see more of the video inserts, which were amazing by the way. Accompanied by the intro of the song “War Pigs” video shots from the past years were shown. We saw dictators, military parades, attacks and military conflicts in many different regions of the world. In the middle of all that Ozzy appeared and the audience went wild.

“Generals gathered in their masses,
Just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot destruction,
Sorcerer of death’s construction.
In the fields the bodies burning,
As the war machine keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind,
Poisoning their brainwashed minds.
Oh lord yeah!”

The whole audience sang together with Ozzy. The fact that the band started to play into the sunset surely supported the atmosphere.  Right from this fabulous beginning there was one rocking performance followed by another. The setlist was amazing, it was a mixture of songs from the past and new material, which by the way is great. 

Ozzy, Tony and the band were great – like Chris Cornell before – Ozzy talked to the audience between songs and he was in great condition. He shared personal moments with us by telling that this was not only a good bye because it was the last gig, the last concert of this Farewell Tour but also that this day was the wedding anniversary with his wife Sharon. Unfortunately she didn’t appear on the stage but still it was a very fine moment – something you may never forget. 

Apart from the original members, who were in great shape, performing some wonderful soli there has to be mentioned that the drummer who accompanied them was – trying to find fitting words to describe his performance and failing.  He had the opportunity, the chance to show what he is capable of and he used it well, he performed a drum solo which not only blew us away completely but one that will make it difficult for every drummer afterwards to follow. 

My favourite points at the concert were the opener and later on the song “Children of the Grave”, the guitar and drum staccato made me shiver, Ozzy sounded even better than on the original album which was released so many years ago. 

In the end I do also want to stress out that it was perfectly organized, the location was great, the people in the audience were amazing and apart from that the people who were responsible for sound and video did an amazing job. All in all this became one of my Top 5 favourite live concerts of all time. Thank you very much.

So, what’s next at the British Summer Time Festival – the Who, Blur and many more, this makes me wonder – shall I go there and who would be interested, too?! Anyone? ;)

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Sherlocked, anyone?

So, here we are – it has been announced – via personal mail, Facebook and twitter we were informed last week that there will be a “Official Sherlock Convention”. So far we have a date for the convention and when the tickets will be available. Unfortunately we do not have more information, in my humple opinion it would be fitting if Steven Moffat produces a Teaser with many different hidden hints to what there is to expect. Especially hints that will turn out to something completely different.

As many of you may know already there is quite buzz, questions being the main topic.

- How much will the tickets cost?
- Will there be an event in the US soon?
- Will there be a run on the tickets and will it therefore be difficult to get tickets?
- Who will be there?
- What kind of programme can be expected for the three days?

From my point of view I am a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong I went to some Doctor Who Conventions, buying the tickets in advance without having any or only some information.

Maybe there will be ..

- Panels with Steven & Mark to discuss some storylines, some plot holes and answers to some strange riddels?
- Special Guests from other BBC productions to spread further rumours about possible crossovers?
- Workshops with the Special Effects Team, including a fall from a roof and a shot in the head?
- Meet & Greet with Benedict & Martin to chat about wether the US version is of any interest?

Whatever will happen, I will not attend – being from Austria I will have to pay for flight and hotel costs in addition – it is or will surely be too much for me for the moment.

So, have fun and enjoy, I have the feeling that they have some suprises up their sleeves! ;)



Winter Sleep, a late review about a great movie

Last year I was invited to see a movie during the Viennale 2014, it was planned as a surprise for me and it kinda worked! :) Honestly I expected and very much hoped to see this movie.

It was a movie I was very much interested in seeing, due to the fact that the story sounded interesting and the buzz the media made during the Cannes Festival in 2014 was great. It received a great deal of compliments from critics and the audience.

On this evening, we entered the theatre, the so-called Gartenbaukino, quite a nice place, which is the main Cinema during the Viennale. It was filled with people who seemed to share the same curiosity.

The story itself centers about a landlord, a writer, an intellectual named Aydn, living in a village in the center of Turkey. He is a respected and also a feared man, respected from those who befriend him and share the same wealth and feared from those who have to live under his generosity, due to the situation that he owns their houses or gives them jobs. We see him wandering around in the early morning on a misty day, he arrives in his hotel and talks to some residents and seems eager to find out more about their lifes and their whereabouts. Afterwards he travels through the village and its surroundings and we learn about his wife, his sister and how he treats the people who make business with him. 

During the movie we learn more about his complex character, it is far away from a one-sided picture of a man. We see that he is confronted with many different situations during the story and how he reacts.

- While travelling his car gets attacked by a little boy, whose father came back from prison and is not able to find a proper job and therefore cannot provide enough money to pay the rent. The uncle of this boy tries it’s best to intervene and find a way to help by visiting the landlord on a regular basis, being a suppliant for the needs of his family.

- His (quite younger) wife keeps a small but recognizeable distance to him, living under a different roof, in another part of the hotel. She organizes together with a teacher and some friends regular meetings with the aim to collect money to help poor people. When Aydn begins to show more interest in her work a crisis starts between them.

- His sister, spending her time reading magazines, listening to music and discussing with her brother about things that happened in their past. They seem to have their discussions happening in the evening hours when he is writing articles for a regional newspaper. There we learn many things about his relationship with his family and his past as an actor and his work as a writer. 

One of the strengths of this movie is that the director / author managed to give the other characters enough room to have essential dialogues and monologues, too. We learn during the interaction how life works in this area, how the people have to manage their life during the day.  

There are a lot of peacuful moments during the movie, very often accompanied by shots of the impressive landscape. As mentioned above the movie plays in the center of Turkey and the director clearly loves this region. We get the chance to see the village in its beauty, the hills and the meadows. The story is told for a couple of months, beginning in autumn and ending in winter time, therefore we also see changes within this beautiful landscape. It was amazingly shot and made me wanna go there the minute I saw it on the big screen.

The Director and the whole team completely earned the prize, the international recognitoon, especially all the praises very well. The whole time I felt entertained, including some moments where I felt amazed from the well crafted dialogues, the shots of the region and the characters that were shown. I am planning to find some more movies, which were directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, who became famous before with movies like ‘Once upon a time in Anatolia’. 




Happiness, quite often the journey is the destination

It must have been the book, written by Francois Lelord, which gave this movie a very light-footed and easily enjoyable touch. From the very beginning I loved the story, the dialogues and all the characters. Simon Pegg showed us a very mature performance of a man who begins to rethink his live, whether the way so far it was good or could have been better, especially with another woman at his side.

In some points of our lives we have all been there, no one is immune to being unhappy or not pleased with his/her situation in life. Getting along with it or solving it is part of life anyway.

In this case Hector lives a perfect life in a daily routine, being in a relationship with a beautiful woman, having a secure job and a fulfilled life. So it seems, but he sees that something is missing, he recognizes that he cannot make his patients happy, not even heal their wounds as he would have liked to. Furthermore he remembers an old flame of his and after talking to one of his patients (wonderfully eccentric played by the gorgeous Veronic aFerres) he is convinced that a journey will be of help.

This is the main starting point, and it is a story well told, we see how he is still the perfectionist at the beginning, not being able to survive alone and evolves step by step into a person who enjoys life and after meeting his freinds from the past recognizes what happiness means.

This movie shows us what happiness can mean and how we, the people can really find and enjoy happiness – there is something, especially a fitting quote for everyone there. For me it is the situation that you have to live through a lot of stuff before you can see it for yourself, there must be fear of losing something or someone, pain or even more before you can clearly see. Some of us find it much earlier and for some it happens in the last stages of their lives.
La vie est un long fleuve tranquille … enjoy the moment, when you are happy.

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The Morningstar, from page to screen, being in good company for now.

The King of Hell, The Fallen One, Satan … Lucifer is well known under so many different names in nearly uncountable works of literature. Thanks to John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost (published 1667) and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (first apperance in 1989) we were confronted with a character which doesn’t seem to be evil just for the sake of it. The character was shown with much more complexity and became more and more fascinating as stories evolved.

When the Devil wants you to do something, he doesn’t lie at all. He tells you the exact, literal truth. And he lets you find your own way to Hell.

During the Sandman era we see a Lucifer who meets Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams in a respectful but also distanced way and later decides not only to confront him in battle but to give him the key to hell as a present. At this point Neil Gaiman shows a self-satisfied Lucifer, sitting on a beach and enjoying the view. Later on, during the story line of “The Kindly Ones”  we see that Lucifer opened a Piano-Bar in Los Angeles called Lux.

Some years later, Mike Carey continues his story, first with a Spin-Off and Mini-Series and then with it’s own series. This series was amazing, like Fables plays with fairytales nowadays it played with so many elements of religious beliefs. Especially with long-forgotten characters, gods and myths. Like Neil Gaiman before him Mike Carey showed that he knows his stories well and delievered during the whole run a wonderfully fascinating story.

At the moment the TV shows Constantine and Gotham are in the pipeline, starting quite soon. By the way – not forgetting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is working on the Sandman Movie. So, the signs are good for DC Comics and especially DC Vertigo to tell some atmospheric stories on the small screen.
My Wishlist for this TV Show is as follows
- Ask Neil Gaiman for writing at least one episode.
- Ask Mike Carey for co-producing and/or writing the first season (at least give him the chance to write the pilot).
- Not only bring the story of “The Morningstar Option” and all that follows on the screen but maybe let writers from DC Vertigo write some new aspects, characters and/or story lines.
- Make a crossover with Constantine.
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Who’s afraid of the dark?

Wow, somehow I had to watch this one a second time. So far this is my favorite episode from this season and it also became one of the episodes that moved me. The new incarnation of the Doctor is still young and we are able to see a lot of his emotional side. This episode started to be a “New Monster of the Season” Epsiode and ended quite surprisingly with a twist.

Thanks to Peter Capaldi, his portrayal of this incarnation – of this Doctor – is great. He obviously enjoys it and fills the character with passion, drive, energy and a hilarious quirky touch. To be fair, unlike the last predecessors he had the chance to start with a movie-length episode to start with. In my humble opinion this helped a lot.
I see a lot of John Pertwee in his character, but I also sense a lot of Peter Davison here, especially during his interaction with his companion. But that’s maybe just me looking for similarities. ;)

Thanks to Jenna Coleman, she evolves to becoming more than “the impossible girl”. She feels like being a companion who is able to live her own life, to play her character and her strengths alongside the Doctor. Especially in the last few minutes of this episodes we get a glimpse of what is possibe, what can be shown in the Doctor/Companion relationship without any hint to a possible Love scenario.

Thanks to Steven Moffat, who brought us an episode that worked amazingly well with Peter Capaldi. It felt – similar to Blink – like an episode that Steven Moffat wanted to tell for quite some time and waited just for the right moment of time. This time, everything was just in the right spot, the story of the same nightmare that everyone lives through and the revelation in the end, where you get the opportunitiy to feel the very emotional and sensitive side of the Doctor.
This will help to get to know this incarnation of the Doctor better.

Furthermore – special thanks for the link to the “War Doctor” – now we have an additional piece of the emotional puzzle. Seeing John Hurt and Peter Capaldi play the Doctor alongside is on my wish list … and also Craig Ferguson as a guest star in Doctor Who would be great. But I’ll come back to that later on.

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Back to Futurama, this time in 3D

Unfortunately there are only a few of us – people who love Futurama for what it is. A show with strange characters, crazy stories and many references to a lot of different things.

At the end of the last season I really was sad to hear that this time it was the end … for now. I loved the last episode and somehow I do not want to have it “relaunched” or continued in this kind of media. It somehow ended a lot of storylines in a good way, especially the relationship between Leela & Fry.

In any other media it would be more than okay, in comics, books or maybe as a movie in 3D? Take a good look at this, the pics and the videos are really strangely breathtaking.


There and back again …


… okay, I was quite busy the past few months. Went to some fine concerts, visited some cool exhibitons, read some good books and seen some entertaining movies.

… and I fell in Love …

Apart from that I enjoyed the summer with my family, spent some quality time with friends and had some busy times at my job.

… and I fell in Love …

Furthermore I worked on getting some things done that were more than overdue, e.g. subscriptions, finance & insurance accounts, 

… did I mention that I fell in Love?

Now I am back and I will post articles in the upcoming days and weeks, some of them may be overdue and some of them will be new. :)

Have fun and enjoy! 

10 grossest moments from ‘The Strain’ series debut


Good Start, kinda liked that they focussed on suspense, improved the gore effect. 😉

Originally posted on Inside TV:

[ew_image url=”http://ewinsidetv.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/the-strain.jpg” credit=”FX” align=”left”]

The small-screen adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s vampire novel saga The Strain got off to a slow start during its premiere.

In fact, The Strain waited more than 20 minutes (without commercials!) to get gory—which is somewhat surprising considering the criticism of the horror show’s skin-crawling (and eye-slithering) billboards. If the show’s safe-for-the-street art was considered too extreme, then surely a series on the envelope-pushing FX network would delight fright-ophiles from its start? Well, yes and no.

Once The Strain got rolling, it featured some seriously squeam-inducing moments, as is only natural with a series led by epidemiologist Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll). Virus science is gross, y’all. Unlike Eph, viewers are already clued-in about the cause of hundreds of mysterious deaths thanks to a series of 10 scenes that, to paraphrase EW’s critic Melissa Maerz, would make you cover…

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My favourite Magazines

Hello, my name is Christoph and I am …

As you may already know by now I am quite a fan of all things considering Movies, Books, Comics & Music. Therefore it may not surprise you at all that I also love to read magazines, and a lot of them, too. Over the years I gave a lot of printed media the chance to surprise me, to entertain me and keep me hooked up. Only a few of them remained until now … and some of them are …



I remember the day I discovered this magazine very well. I was on my way home from work, I went to the railway station in vienna and was a little early. Not having something to read I decided to go to the newspaper store and take a look. I was intrigued by the cover, it had Eliza Dushku on the cover and some information and interviews about Buffy were promised. I bought it and read the magazine during my ride home. Since then I went to the newspaper store each month to get my copy of SFX. This was not that easy because they only received one or two issues per month, due to the situation that it was a very small store.

After some time I left the job I had for another one and my route therefore changed. Luckily enough I found out about http://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk and ordered it immediately. I am since then a regular reader of SFX and I never regreted it for one day. Recently I even prolonged it for another two years.

What got me hooked up and what made the difference is kinda easy to say. The team was and still is a group of fans writing for fans. In each article, preview and interview I have been reading I always had the feeling that they wrote about what they loved, what they liked and what they wanted to tell the world. They always gave me the feeling to be friends, to be a part of them. They treated each artist, writer, director, actor and media well, with love and with respect. They completely had me when I read something about guilty pleasures and found some movies and books in their lists which I also loved, even by knowing that they are kinda … ahh you know what I mean … but are produced with love for the genre, no matter what others may think. In the end this is something that matters and furthermore some of the so-called cult movies were made this way.

For the moment my thanks go to Dave Bradley, his team (also all their predecessors) of writers, keep up the good work and thank you very much for the issues so far.



Honestly, this didn’t came as a surprise for me. Within SFX there were always references to the Comics Media, especially due to the fact that the number of movies adapted from comics started to rise very fast.

I liked it from the very beginning, from the special issues and bookazines by SFX and the very first steps as a stand-alone magazine. What I liked at the beginning was that they included artists and books from the french and belgium area and not only from the US market. Over the past years this got a little bit lost but to be fair there is a lot to tell about this media (don’t forget the huge japanese Manga part of the comics world) and until now they provided a lot of good and well written articles. Furthermore there is no other magazine in existence which comes even close to the quality.

Like SFX the authors give you the feeling that they are fans of the media, the authors, the artists, the series, the characters and their many story-lines. Within their articles they focus on stuff that is surprising and/or new for fans and interesting for people who are new to the media. Treating each one with respect is something that made this magazine to be outstanding.




That’s the classic, the mother of them all. I discovered this by recommendation from a friend some years ago, I kinda liked it then but I missed something, something that I got from other magazines like SFX and Comic Heroes and I am very grateful for that. I bought some issues at the local newspaper store but unfortunately due to the fact that it has to be imported from UK to Austria the price was high. I decided quite soon to buy this one via Zinio and read it on my iPad, this is more than comfortable enough for me.

Apart from that I also love magazines like GEO (especially the series SPECIAL, EPOCHE & SAISON), BrandEins (which is one of the best considering the topics Economy, Society and Politics, very critical in a positive way) and the Rolling Stone Magazine (both the US and the German Edition).

Last year I started to reduce the number of magazines I subscribed to a very small number. One of the main reasons was that I didn’t find the time anymore to read all of them, not even most of them. Another was that I loved to hoard (or collect) them and I reached the frontiers of my home and didn’t find any place to store anymore. It was kinda hard to decide but now I can say that I made it. So far only two are landing in my home on a regular level, SFX and Comic Heroes. Some of the others are now read by me digitally at Zinio or the digital Newspaper store.

So far, thanks to all of you, keep up the excellent work.